I Ricordi


I’ve been carrying around a stack of notecards with me wherever I go so that I can write down things that I want to remember, or that I want to add to the blog, or that I want to find again. I’ve been writing down quotes, and names of restaurants, and vocabulary, and shopping lists. Today I was digging through the notecards looking for something, and I came across a quote that I recorded immediately after our exhilarating drive through a small mountain road on the way home from Sorrento during our Giro nel Sud.  As you may recall, we were travelling with another couple & their young son. When the road finally widened again and we could stop, we got out to look at the amazing night time view and Andy (male half of the other couple) announced:

“This is what memories are made of, Ladies and Gentlemen!”

How true – and how wonderful it is to realize at that very moment what a great time in your life this is.



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2 responses to “I Ricordi

  1. dave, dad

    how fortunate you are to have such great experiences — all the more so because you take the brief pause to appreciate your good fortune.

    Glad to hear you two are enjoying the memories you are creating

  2. Pat

    I agree with Dave!

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