Portami alla Spiaggia!

Take me to the beach! (plagiarized from a child’s t-shirt)

I was determined to get to the beach before the beach season ended, so the weekend after labor day we headed out to the beaches outside of Rome. Ryan and I were, by far, the whitest people on the beach. In fact, I’m pretty sure we were the only people on the beach who will not have skin cancer in 10 years. So much for trying to blend with the natives.

It was a beautiful day for the beach – sunshine, not too hot, not too crowded. We lounged on lounge chairs, walked up and down the beach, and did extensive research on “La dolce far niente” (“The sweetness of doing nothing”)

I took a ton of pictures of Ryan with his new reflective sunglasses:



Checking out the other loungers ...

Checking out the other loungers ...

And somehow, this is the only picture of me:

There I am! (Look closely)

There I am! (Look closely)


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One response to “Portami alla Spiaggia!

  1. Elaine

    You are too funny!

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