Non Siamo a Casa

We’re not home

Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, we’re home some. We’ve been making an effort to get out and do things with people – go out to dinner, go on day trips, have dinner in, etc. It’s great because we’re making friends and meeting new people.

We’ve also been making an effort to do things on our own – explore a new area on the way home from work, stop for dinner at a new restaurant, check out the shops near home, etc.

The good news is that we’re having fun, the bad news is that our house is a disaster, and I’m exhausted! :)

Last night we came (almost) straight home and we cleaned. It was actually really nice. We ate dinner, then set up our new stereo, opened a bottle of wine, and danced around to american music while we cleaned and put things away.

My original plan was to catch up on some blog entries too, but then we learned that our FastWeb provided modem only allows 3 devices to connect at any one time. (It provides unique IPs for each device … completely unneccessary.) Of course, it took a lot of debugging and translating to figure that out, so it was midnight by the time we had it all under control. Ohh well. I’ll try again tonight. :)

Quote of the Day:

Stereotypical American: I don’t like Rome, everything’s really old.

Coming soon:

pictures of Ryan’s hair, the embassy softball tournament, pictures of our silly European car, Pompeii, and Ryan makes it into the Italian newspaper


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One response to “Non Siamo a Casa

  1. dad, dave

    I check this site every day for updates. The writing is really great & I love hearing the day to day stuff. Perhaps getting routine for yoou but a real thrill for me.

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