È Carino

He’s Cute

*mushy alert*

Tonight Ryan and I went out for dinner. Sometimes Ryan is nice enough to humor me by letting me ask him about what he’s learning in his Italian class, and sometimes I teach him some new things. Today, at the beginning of dinner, I taught him how to say ‘my’ (my glass, my pizza, etc.)

Later I was saying how intimidatingly beautiful and well put-together the Italian women are Ryan responded by taking my hand and saying:

“La mia bella donna” (My beautiful woman)

Which is pretty much the most amazing thing he could have said there.

For the record, I responded with a phrase I knew Ryan would understand (he used it when he proposed to me):

“Ti amo” (I love you)



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3 responses to “È Carino

  1. dad, dave

    SWEET !!!!!!!

    Of course the less well put together Italian women are called “mogli” and not noticed so much.

    Fortunately my daughters are immune to this phenomenon and Ryan knows just what to say & when ;-)

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