Vittoria nel Quartiere

Victory in the Neighborhood

Ryan and I set out tonight for an early evening stroll, with no map, and no destination. Magically, we were absolutely victorious.

We found, in close walking distance:

A huge, cool old church thing (No idea what it was, but really big and cool-looking)

At least 5 open restaurants (And many more prospects for after August)

A bar (An actual bar, not an Italian bar)

A secret shortcut

A bike trail

A beautiful park with running trails, outdoor cafes, a modern sculpture garden and commemorative monuments

A fun pasta restaurant (choose your pasta, choose your sauce. Can’t decide between pizza and a calzone? They have one that’s half and half!)

A florist that sells beautiful sunflowers

The bus we need to get to a friend’s house tomorrow (This is really exciting since we still don’t have internet, and we don’t have a bus map)

Quote of the Day:

Ryan, on Rosetta Stone “After repeating each word for four hours, I do remember them. But with a billion words to learn, it will take me approximately until I die to learn the language.”



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3 responses to “Vittoria nel Quartiere

  1. Wow, what a productively relaxing evening. Always good when you can combine the two. ;-)

    I think people who grow sunflowers should get an award for making the world a happier place.

    I am LOVING the blog! It’s like I get transported to my own Italian vacation for a few minutes each day. Thanks for writing!

  2. dave

    sounds like that whole accepting things as they come is working !!!!

    I thought of your suggestion an hour ago as we faced a ridiculously long security line at the airport in Las Vegas. Soooooo I just stood there enjoying the people watching show and found myself a little disappointed when the line moved & I could no longer overhear the guy behind me on hiss cell phone explaining to his girl friend how he was very fond of his business partner but it was strictly business — me think he doth protest too much !!!!

    Thank for the idea & the blog – rev’s me up for a trip to Italy

  3. Elaine

    A bar (An actual bar, not an Italian bar)

    I wonder what an Italian bar is.

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