Il Tempo Libero

Free Time

Having no internet has given Ryan and I a lot of free time. More than we could ever possibly use. I suppose it’s not just not having internet … it’s not having anything else either. My knitting projects, our books, paper and pencils, etc.

So, we unpack. We walk around the neigborhood. We go to the grocery store. We cook. There’s actually something kind of nice about not being able to do much.

Guess who's winning!

Guess who's winning!

Ryan’s teaching me to play chess. His roommate, Billy, bought him a tournament/travel chess board right before we left. It has turned out to be a great thing to have in our empty apartment. Ryan teaching me to play chess is perhaps more like Ryan playing chess against himself – since I ask so many questions about what I should do. That’s ok though, he’s happy because I’m playing chess with him, and I’m happy because I know I’ll beat him eventually. ;-) (Psst… don’t tell Ryan.) It’s a little like Dad & I playing Boggle – it may have been years before I was able to beat him – but I was pretty excited when it finally happened.



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  1. Elaine

    You should play chess with Dad! (Shhh…don’t tell him I said so or he’ll start practicing…)

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