Una Sera Normale

A Normal Evening

Tonight wasn’t anything special on the surface … We worked a little late, went to the gym, went to dinner, went home.

It just turns great when you fill in the details.

We worked a little late – but we were busy and productive, which is nice considering we’ve been so focused on the check-in process lately.

We went to the gym – which felt really good considering the amount of pasta we’ve been eating. I know they say that Europeans eat less than we do, but I can’t figure out how – all the serving sizes are really big! You don’t order a pizza to share, you order one for yourself. It’s nuts!

We went to dinner – after the gym we took a walk to try to find someplace that sells the monthly bus tickets. Or, Ryan looked for somewhere to buy bus tickets and I window shopped for clothes, jewelry, and shoes. :) When we didn’t find bus tickets at the first 3 places we stopped, we gave up and decided to go get some dinner. So we wandered past the Pantheon (Ryan’s favorite Roman sight), through cute cobble stone streets with restaurant tables outside, around Piazza Navona (My favorite Roman sight) … and finally settled on a little, inexpensive restaurant on a quiet side street. That happened to have the aperitivo I’ve been wanting to try (an orange mix of liqueur, white wine, sparkling water … and some other stuff). It turned out that the food was very good. I had a fantastic lasagna. It had about 9 layers of pasta, fresh basil, wonderful tomato sauce (more about the tomatoes than all the other stuff, which I love), and great cheese.

Then we had a leisurely walk back through the sights – complete with an impossible-to-capture-with-a-camera beautiful view of the obelisk in the pantheon square, with the pantheon lit up behind it and a beautiful 3/4 moon in a pitch black sky.

It was a really nice night. :)


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One response to “Una Sera Normale

  1. dave

    sometimes the best experiences just happen — so it is best to be ready to accept them as they come

    bravo on appreciating those special moments

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