Cos’è Normale?

What is Normal?

Looking at the timeline for getting our personal belongings in (probably another month), and getting all the paperwork sorted out for our car (a month and a half?), buying a motorino so we can get around (2 months?), unpacking and settling all of our personal belongings (2 months), learning where things are, getting oriented, etc. etc. I said to Ryan, “You know, I think it may be 6 months before we’re normal again.” And he said “Unless we just start trying to consider this normal…. I think we might want to do that.”

That seems to be the advice we have gotten from a lot of people and written sources – don’t focus on the differences, just get accustomed to a new way of life.

If you get one thing done during a day, that’s an accomplishment. Don’t assume that you will get more than one thing a day, and then be dissappointed when it doesn’t happen.

The speed of dinner or lunch service isn’t to be an annoyance because you wanted to go do something else afterward. It is to be savored as a priveledge. It’s not, ‘Why haven’t they brought us the check yet?’, It’s ‘Isn’t it nice the way that they don’t rush you off as soon as you’ve consumed the last bite of your meal.’

And there are plenty of ‘new normal’ things that are pretty amazing like this appetizer Ryan and I made for ourselves before dinner tonight:

Normal = delicious

Normal = delicious

mozzarella di bufala, olives, artichokes, fresh tomatos, prosciutto – what more could one possibly want?


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  1. Elaine

    New normal? OMGosh, when I saw the photo I assumed your meal was restaurant prepared.

    Your blog does put it in perspective. It’s good that Ryan is available to offer a different perspective.

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