Casa, Bella Casa

House Beautiful House

We moved in to our house, finally. It is outfitted luxuriously with well-used furniture from Ikea. A coffee table, an end table (that doesn’t match the coffee table), one arm chair and one love seat (with a hideous green pattern). Oh and in the bedroom – apparently it’s from the frying pan (two twin beds pushed together with a big crack down the middle) into the fire … Now we are sleeping on cheap sheets on a rock hard bed. With lumpy pillows. :) Good thing we’re exhausted every day.

Furniture - ick

Furniture - ick

We finally found a couch that Ryan can't sleep on!

We finally found a couch that Ryan can't sleep on!

There isn’t much to do in the house. I have read a novel and a half (in about as many days). Ryan is going through cryptic crosswords like crazy. We have no internet, and nothing of significance to unpack.

We seem to spend a lot of time opening and closing window shades. I’ve already had the fear of God put into me with all of the terrible stories people have about getting robbed when they leave their window shades open when they go out. We have a great view, and there is so much sunshine that we love to have the shades open, but we go around religiously to close them all when we go out.

But it's worth the effort, because we have plenty of nice views.

But it's worth the effort, because we have plenty of nice views.

We also spend a lot of time locking and unlocking doors. It’s amazing. We have two doors to our apartment. (6 feet away from each other. To the same hallway, from the same foyer in our apartment. I mean, technically they are offset by 90 degrees, but that really doesn’t add much.) So, we have two doors, they each have four deadbolts, one of those slanted catches, and two key holes. All four deadbolts turn together with one key. But you have to turn the key four times. Not one per deadbolt – since they all move together, but each turn moves the deadbolts a little farther into the doorjam. It’s very strange. The first key locks them all the way in. The second key … just makes sure. You only turn it twice.

Italian Keys

Italian Keys

(Our Old Keys, b4 we had the locks changed)



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2 responses to “Casa, Bella Casa

  1. Holly

    Good to see you’re settling in!
    Looks like the Italians aren’t into efficiency…
    You need some motorized blinds like in Utah! :-p

    • kateandryan

      So true – the Italians are very clearly not into efficiency in many ways. I had forgotten about those motorized blinds … that’s an amazing idea! I wonder if we can retro-fit the ones with have with motors ….

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