Siamo Conessi!!

We are Connected!!

Internet is up and running. I am super super excited. It took almost an hour for them to set up the modem and router. There was wire splicing, and drilling, and opening multiple covers in the wall, etc.

But I have internet!!

I’ll be posting the backlog of blog posts this weekend. And trying to set up Vonage so we can make & receive phone calls from the U.S.

What a great Friday present!



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5 responses to “Siamo Conessi!!

  1. dave, dad

    a REAL TGIF ?? !!!!!

  2. Elaine

    That’s a great Friday present for all of us!

  3. Pat

    Yeah!!! And you got it in a day after talking to 80 mph motormouth!!! Your slow Italian must have helped the situation out somehow! :)

  4. Sean

    sweet. Internet always rocks. I still don’t have a router after 3 months but soon I tell you!

    • kateandryan

      3 months? Do you at least have the ability to plug directly into a port somewhere? A few weeks was hard enough for me, I don’t know how one could possibly last for 3 months! – Wait, does that mean your HHE still hasn’t arrived?

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