Ma, Dove Sono?

But, Where Am I?

New York

New York: Typical American efficiency. All the streets are at right angles. They are numbered. in order. Increasing from East to West and South to North.


Rome: Well, it’s difficult to tell. It appears that a drunk man wandered around in a random pattern, turning this way and that, and someone followed him around with cobblestone that he dropped randomly into place. And that is how the geography of Rome was created.

I swear I’m completely lost all the time.

Landmarks are useless. Normally, when navigating by landmark, one has to remember a landmark for every turn. But, for example, between my parents house in New Jersey and my house in Virginia, there are 8 turns. 10 if you count turning into the driveway. Today, during a 10 minute car ride to my new home in Rome… well, I quickly lost count of how many turns there are, because I’m pretty sure that the length of the longest straight line was no longer than the distance between two intersections.

Ryan, on the other hand, being a male, appears to have some sort of higher knowledge… I believe it has something to do with the cardinal directions. He seems to look for the sun a lot.



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3 responses to “Ma, Dove Sono?

  1. dave, dad

    wow, had no idea the streets were that crazy.

    I guess you have to learn by using a compass – so much for linear thinking.

    BTW – Giovanni Girolamo Saccheri (18th century), Italian math dude, set out to prove Euclud’s postulates and instead he unintentionally discovered a new or non-euclidian, hyperbolic geometry. So maybe this whole curvey, wiggly, non-straight line thingy is just a genetic thing with Italians — it’s in their SOUL !!!!!

    Sorta like pinching the female bottom.

  2. Ashley

    Maybe if Ryan just starts giving you directions from your house – it will be ok. :)

    I know when I was there, I started small – by going to places that I didn’t have to turn at all to get my bearings on the map – and then branch out from there.

    Good luck!

  3. kateandryan

    That is excellent advice!

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